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Six Vehicle Warning Signs Your Nose Can Recognize

Most vehicles start out with a “new car smell,” but there are other specific odors that motorists should never ignore. Identifying these suspect smells early on can help car owners be car care aware and avoid the hassle and expense of an unexpected breakdown, says the Car Care Council.

“Unusual smells can be the sign of serious, and potentially costly, trouble for your vehicle. By acting quickly and making necessary repairs, you’ll be able to breathe easy knowing there is no harmful damage to your car,” said Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council.

The Car Care Council recommends a sniff test of your vehicle to identify any unusual smells, including the following six warning signs:

1. The smell of burnt rubber could be slipping drive belts or misplaced loose hoses that might be rubbing against rotating accessory drive pulleys OBD2 Scanner. Do not reach in if the engine compartment is hot.

2. The smell of hot oil could mean that oil is leaking onto the exhaust system. To verify the leak, look for oil on the pavement or smoke coming from the engine area.

3. The smell of gasoline is likely the sign of a gas leak in some area of the vehicle such as a fuel injector line or the fuel tank. Any smell of fuel can result in a possible fire hazard, so immediate attention should be given.

4. The sweet smell of syrup may be a sign that your car is leaking engine coolant from a leaky component related to the car’s cooling system. Do not open the radiator cap when it is hot.

5. The smell of burning carpet could be a sign of brake trouble and a safety hazard x431 pro mini. Have your brakes checked right away, especially if this smell is happening during normal driving conditions.

6. The smell of rotten eggs is never a good one and, if you smell it coming from your vehicle, it could mean a problem with your catalytic converter not converting the hydrogen sulfide in the exhaust to sulfur dioxide properly. This smell can also be attributed to a poor running engine, causing the catalytic converter to become overloaded and fail due to meltdown.

“When you smell any peculiar odor, you should not ignore it. Instead bring your vehicle to a professional service technician that you trust to get an informed opinion on the nature of the odor,” concluded White.

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Shop Around for the Best Company Car Leasing Deals

Even in this day and age of video conferencing and web meetings, people still like to do business face to face. Which is why companies still need to keep sales teams out on the road, meeting prospects and closing deals. Whilst this is absolutely necessary, it is also very expensive. And these are tough economic times at the moment. Finding the best deals really matters.

For big companies Autel MaxiSys Pro, bulk deals are available and squeeze extra value out of these kind of arrangements. The hard pressed fleet manager needs to find savings anywhere they can right now, so these are great ways to keep within budget and still operate effectively.

For the really price conscious, nearly new cars offer excellent value. The cars themselves are only about 6 months old, so are hardly different to brand new models ds808. Most leasing companies will offer this kind of deal.

Even in this day and age of video conferencing and web meetings, people still like to do business face to face. Which is why companies still need to keep sales teams out on the road, meeting prospects and closing deals. Whilst this is absolutely necessary, it is also very expensive. And these are tough economic times at the moment. Finding the best deals really matters.

Company car leasing is usually the most popular option for an organisation. There are two different types of contract hire arrangement. One that includes servicing in the monthly fee and one that doesn't. The advantages of leasing vehicles are numerous. By leasing, the company is only paying the depreciation in the car, so it's cheaper than buying outright. They need to make a good impression so reps need to be in new cars. Plus they rack up the miles too, so having a new car every three years or so is essential.

Car leasing deals can vary enormously, so it pays to shop around to see what is out there on the market. A good company car needs to be comfortable and economical. It's always a bonus when they score well on emissions too for tax purposes. Sales reps cover a lot of miles, so it's not uncommon for them to opt for diesels because of the fuel economy and lower running costs.

For big companies, bulk deals are available and squeeze extra value out of these kind of arrangements. The hard pressed fleet manager needs to find savings anywhere they can right now, so these are great ways to keep within budget and still operate effectively.

For the really price conscious, nearly new cars offer excellent value. The cars themselves are only about 6 months old, so are hardly different to brand new models. Most leasing companies will offer this kind of deal.

The Article is written by providing Car Lease Deals and Car Leasing Companies Services. Visit for more information on Products & Services___________________________Copyrig
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Selecting the Correct Hitch for Your Vehicle

If you are towing a trailer for the first time you will want to have everything going for you. Changing from a single vehicle to what is essentially double that, is not a step to be taken casually. The hitch you use to link your tow vehicle to your trailer is a key element in your safety and the safety of other motorists on the road.

A great deal hinges on the choice of hitch in the world of towing. There are a number of factors that you need to take into consideration when making the decision. Before doing anything else, you will need to consult your vehicle owner's manual. This comprehensive source of information will give you valuable information regarding the towing specifications of your vehicle.

You will want to stay well within the parameters outlined in the manual, being ever cautious not to place the rig under more pressure than it can safely handle. Remember that what you can tow under ideal towing conditions and what you can tow under challenging conditions are two completely different things.

The tow combination that you put together needs to have capacity to spare in order to handle these challenges when they arise OBD2 Scanner. Both the tow vehicle and the hitching system have weight capacities that impact the safety of the whole rig.

Once you have determined the tow vehicle's maximum towing capacity you will be able to choose the trailer and hitch that is the best fit. Tow hitches come in varying classes to match the weight capacities of the vehicle and the gross trailer weight, known as the GTW.

Trailer hitches are specific to each vehicle so you need to find the exact hitch for your vehicle model and year. Most online websites will have you key in these details before coming up with the hitch for your vehicle.

The most common hitches are receivers. They are the ones that you see on most SUVs, trucks, vans and RVs. They come in Classes specific to their weight carrying capacity. Class I hitches have a GTW of anything up to 2,000lbs. They are the best option for light duty tow vehicles and commonly allow for the towing of smaller loads like bike racks and utility trailers.

Class II hitches, with a GTW of 3,500lbs, are commonly used on passenger vans and the less powerful SUVs. Class II hitches are capable of towing smaller, lighter travel trailers safely. Some class II hitches can have their tow capacities expanded in combination with a good weight distribution system. Details on this option should be available in your vehicle owner's manual.

Class III hitches have a more generous tow capacity of up to 5,000lbs. They are the most common hitch for the more powerful SUVs and trucks and allow for heavier duty towing and a broader range of weight distribution systems that balance out the trailer load between the wheels of the tow vehicle and those of the trailer. The addition of this kind of hitch system offers enhanced safety in the form of improved steering and brake control.

Once you have selected the correct hitch for your vehicle and trailer and you have had it shipped to your door you will be faced with a mysterious bundle of odds and ends that bolts onto your vehicle frame without welding Maxisys. Installation times vary from 30 minutes to an hour so don't rush. If you have doubts about the finished product of your work you might want to invest in a second opinion from a professional before heading out onto the highway.

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Saving Gas the Smart Way

In recent times, gasoline prices are mounting so rapidly and haphazardly that whenever a person fills gas in his/her vehicle launch x431 pro3, it seems that the wallet is getting thinner and thinner. Therefore, the major concern for almost every vehicle owner is how to save on gas?

There are many different ways of saving money on gas. First, you can obtain membership of a royalty club. Certain gas stations, grocery stores as well as department stores offer membership cards to their customers. When you furnish this card at fuel stations, which are affiliated with such stores, you obtain fuel at discounted prices.

Locate the best deal in your area by searching through web sites. Several web sites are available, where you can find the best rates on gas in your area. Apart from this, use low octane gas in your car. Low octane gasoline is affordable and modern day cars run smoothly on this fuel. However, you need to see that your vehicles are compatible with it or not.

Third step is that you need to take care of your vehicle because older vehicles and those, which need to repair, consume lot of gasoline. Below are some points, which will help you to save on gas using gasoline credit cards.

Gasoline Credit Cards:

To obtain gasoline credit cards, you can check with different credit card companies. Study their rates, benefits and then apply for the ideal gasoline credit card. Here, when you visit a gas station to pump fuel in your vehicle, you do not pay cash instead you pay the fuel bill using the gasoline credit card.

Now you may think as how one may save money using gasoline credit cards. When people obtain gasoline credit cards and use them to make gas payments, credit card firms send them monthly bills.

If you pay the bills on time, you are entitled to get certain points as rewards. The rewards may come as discount certificates, gift cards or checks, which you can use it to convert into money.

So, that when you go to the gas station next time, to fill the fuel, you can use this money equivalent (reward) to pay the bill, thereby you save money on fuel.

Some companies offer gasoline credit cards, which offer rewards after signing up with them. Most cards will offer you with rebate of $50, when you furnish your gasoline card at the gas station.

Moreover, you can easily find gasoline credit cards that have 0% APR (Average Percentage Rate). That means you do not have to pay fees for the introductory year. However, after the introductory year, the credit card company will charge you with APR.

Use Gasoline Credit Cards And Save Money:

Depending on your gasoline credit cards you can save anywhere from 1% to 6% Launch CReader 5001, which means you can easily save nearly $0.20 per gallon. Credit card firms may also increase or double the rebates for a particular period (say 2 or 3 months after you sign up) on each gallon.

However, remember that you can save on fuel using gasoline credit cards only when you pay off your monthly bills on time.

Save on gas with gasoline cards and find more of Tom's work at FINDgascards.
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Safety Always Begins With Official Yamaha Motorcycle Parts

This summer don't mess around. Make sure you check out your ATV to ensure that it is safe for riding around in. Safety begins with you so keep that in mind. You might even be saving your life and the guys behind you too. I live out in rural Michigan and see a lot of people doing some incredible things when it comes to recreation throughout the year. I mean, to put it politely, I live by some real daredevils. These guys use their Kawasaki ATV's for things like going to the store, and actually drive out in the street! But that's not the craziest thing I've ever seen.

I have seen Yamaha fans take their ATV's out on frozen lakes and have races. I don't mean to just single out the Yamaha and Kawasaki fans here because I have seen Ford trucks out on the ice too. I cringe because I wonder if this frozen lake will support them. There are accidents of course and the police are called every now and then. I have seen a lot of tragedy out there in all seasons. During the winter months I have seen a lot of these guys almost collide into each other with ATV's, snow mobiles, and pick up trucks. Imagine all those people out there on the ice at the same time dancing on the edge of life's fragile balance!

In the summer months I see ATV's drive off the road in the parks. These funsters fly off the top of man made jumping ramps and risk personal safety and vehicle damage. I stress that Yamaha ATV owners out there are using genuine OEM and Yamaha ATV parts in their vehicles Autel MaxiSys Pro. You want things to work on your ATV. Of course you need the durability but you also want to be safe. This includes the frame of your ATV and getting good brakes in case you need to use them. This is one important thing you need to do every single year. You need to inspect your vehicle and make sure that it's safe for use.

There are a ton of cheap parts you can buy from China. Since I started writing about Yamaha, Kawasaki and Honda sports gear I have been getting contacted from third party manufacturers from China and Japan Autel Maxidas DS808. This concerns me too because I have seen a lot of companies getting write ups about the bad quality concerning these parts. One chief complaint I run into a lot is about the use of inferior plastics that tend to crack and breakdown after normal use. Be careful of what you put into your sporting equipment. Safety is your best bet when you deal with motorsports.

Copyright (c) 2010 Ted Cantu
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Rotating Your Tires Is Important

Tire rotation is an important maintenance duty that extends the life of your tires and ensures safe driving. We'll take a look at this simple but effective procedure.

Whether you plan on doing the job yourself or having it performed by a certified mechanic, it's important to know why we rotate our tires.

There are several kinds of jacks you can use to elevate the car. The most readily available may be the jack that came with the vehicle. However, this is also the most unsafe and should only be used for short periods of time. If you use this jack, we recommend safeguarding yourself by using jack stands under both the front and rear axles. In fact, this isn't a bad idea anytime you're working around an elevated vehicle. Once the car is in the air, position the jack stands under the axle, behind each wheel; then gently lower the weight of the vehicle onto the jack stands.

You can also use a small hydraulic jack or -- the best of all possible options -- a floor jack. Whatever, the principle is the same. Locate a point under the frame nearest the manufacturer's recommended jacking point, and position the jack there. In most front-engine vehicles, this will be a foot or two behind the front wheel. (There will sometimes be a hole facing you here, where you can insert the extension from the jack.)

Before you elevate the vehicle, you will want to take the lug wrench and loosen the lug nuts on both the front and rear wheels Launch CReader 8001. This technique uses the vehicle's weight to hold the wheels in place launch x431 pro mini, so they don't spin as you crank on the lug nuts.

Once the lug nuts are loose, jack up the vehicle and then, if you have jack stands, back down onto the stands. Spin off the lug nuts and put them in a safe place.

Remove the front tire, then the rear, and switch their positions, rolling the front tire to the rear, and the rear to the front.

Before you mount them, let's inspect the tread.

The tread pattern has wear indicators built into it. These are little bumps or nubs manufactured directly into the tread. Inspecting them will tell you how close the tire is to needing replacement. See if you can spot them. They're located throughout the tread pattern, but especially on the ridge where the tread and sidewall meet. Find one? Compare its height to the height of the tread surrounding it. If the tread is wearing to the point where its height is approaching that of the wear indicator, you'll need to be shopping tires soon. Make a mental note.

Now go ahead and mount the tires, having switched front to rear, etc. If you have a friend handy, have them hold the tire while you thread the first lug nut or two into its hole. Once all the nuts are threaded finger-tight, grab the torque wrench and tighten them further.

Now, as before, you want to use the weight of the vehicle to hold the wheels in place while you snug the lug nuts down good and tight. Jack the vehicle up off the jack stands (if you're using them) and then slowly let it sink to the ground.

Take the torque wrench and tighten the lug nuts to their recommended specification.

By the way, it's best to work the lug nuts diagonally across from one another, as though forming a star, instead of side to side. This allows them to seat better into their cradles.

Done. Now go to the other side of the car and repeat the steps.

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Residential Locksmiths Seattle Services

We are premier locksmiths in Seattle WA who offer high quality locksmith services to residences and companies at affordable prices.

We are premier locksmiths in Seattle WA who offer high quality locksmith services to residences and companies at affordable prices. We work quickly and efficiently and are available 24 hours a day throughout the week to attend to your lock problems.

As a licensed, professional and highly trained organization, we are locksmiths Seattle company well-equipped to handle all big and small locksmith emergencies and security solutions. Should you require us to repair your locks, open your car door or front door for you when you lose or forget your keys, we are at your service, with a 20-minute response time.

Our residential locksmith services to homes and residences, including condominium and apartment buildings, are expertly handled to cater to your security needs. The variety of locksmiths Seattle services that we provide constantly guarantees customer satisfaction, due to the professional and friendly manner to which they are taken care of. We change, repair and do basic maintenance of locks, for both simple and high security locks Autel MaxiSys Pro.

Do you own a safe? Or have a garage door? If your safe or garage door goes on the fritz every now and then, we also provide 24 hour locksmith Seattle WA safes and garage door lockout service. Once unlocked, we can do a safe's combination change if you wish launch x431 pro3.

Furthermore, we can among others, extract broken car keys, unlock steering wheels, and install and repair anti-carjacking systems, trunk, glove compartment, and motorcycle locks. Call us today as your locksmith in Seattle WA for any emergency you may have.

Mori Ben Dal is the author of this article on locksmith in Seattle. Find more information, about Seattle locksmith here Visit for more information.
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